Arch 201 Arch. Design Studio I is the first step of the chain of design studios. In this phase, students are expected to achieve an analysis  Site and  Architectural  Program  to establish a language to be used in their design and to accomplish the  design of the building. Arch 201 is a non-exam course (Article 24-2 of university’s regulation);  therefore   grading  will be made according to the work performed by the student during the term. The term   will  be  divided into stages, each one comprising a different phase of the project. The development of the project will be  monitored  through panel critics. Students will have to present their work several times as shown in the timetable to the panel in order to get a grade for each stage.

The method and the process used in the formation of the project are considered  to be  more important than the final design presented to the final jury. Therefore, students will be expected to be present at the studio, present their work to the panel and participate to discussions during studio hours. Class hours will be essentially used for criticizing the work achieved by the students at home and not for drawing projects. There may be sketch design problems and/or spontaneous quizzes during the semester.